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Unwrapped: Layla Turns Lay-Cool into a Fashion Statement

Our Unwrapped feature is making its return! Every week, coinciding with’s weekly photoshoot updates, we’ll take a look at the newest Diva photoshoot and give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on it. Let’s unwrap this week’s eye candy, featuring Layla. View the photoshoot by clicking here.

The Look: Layla’s got a few layers on, wearing her Lay-Cool hood at times over her ring gear. The style of her gear, with its side cut-out, single shoulder strap, and multiple arm bands can easily look overwhelming in more daring colors, but this deep red and black is perfect. It’s sleek, and pulls it all together rather than looking like she’s piled on a ton of accessories. The Lay-Cool hood looks especially cool, looking almost like a corset around her middle and turning into to a vivacious shade of red at the top. It looks like a legitimate top when she wears it zipped up, and for being such a eccentric clothing item, it blends in well with her gear. Of course, the word “FAMOUS” written down her forearm and “LAY-COOL” being emblazoned on the hood, readily readable across her forehead, are appropriately self-serving touches for one-half of the most conceited duo in the WWE. It’s unique gear that looks fantastic on her.

The Poses: Layla does well to show off all the elements of her outfit, from the hood to the arm bands to the detailed gear below. She does it stylishly as well, with interesting poses. For ring gear shoots, I like to see Divas show off the gear in inconspicuous ways, and Layla pulls that off here. It’s not flashy, but still not boring, as some ring gear shoots can be. Layla’s photoshoot experience shows here, because she very easily sells the outfit and exudes her heel persona in a few simple poses. Fittingly, she looks confident, cool, and sexy.

Originality: Ring gear studio shoots are nothing new, but I always enjoy seeing more detailed and interesting gear up close. Layla’s gear is interesting enough to make me forget that she’s posing in front of a blah white background, and her posing ability makes it stand out–it feels like she’s modeling couture rather than wrestling gear, and not many Divas could manage that.

Overall: Layla’s ring gear can be hit-or-miss, but this variation of it is to die for, from the colors to the stylish Lay-Cool hood. Her posing is fantastic, as usual, and serves to show off the gear in the most flattering way possible. She’s managed to turn a rather standard photoshoot into something quite intriguing. Rating: 4/5

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