Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Upcoming Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Below are spoilers from tonight’s TNA taping for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling.


* Sienna defeated Madison Rayne to earn a Knockouts Title shot at Slammiversary. Allie was ringside with Sienna.

* Eli Drake is out to host “Fact of Life.” His guests are Decay, who will face the Bromans at Slammiversary. After the Decay has a few words, Bromans (with Raquel) come out. Decay wants the match now but Grado and Shera come out. They are also interrupted by the Tribunal of Al Snow, Basille Baracca and Baron Dax. This leads to an impromptu 8-man tag.

* Gail Kim and EC3 defeated Mike Bennett and Allie. Maria was originally supposed to be in this match but had her assistant, Allie substitute for her. She handed her a bag of wrestling attire and things started. Gail Kim won with a rollup. EC3 chased Mike Bennett to the back while Maria, Allie and Sienna attacked Gail. They attacked Gail’s ankle with a chair.


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