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Upcoming Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling:


Taped April 23rd, 2016

* New TNA Knockout, Allie (Cherry Bomb) comes to the ring to introduce her associate, Maria. Maria takes credit for Velvet Sky being gone from TNA. Gail comes out to confront her. Maria announces that it will be Sienna vs Gail Kim tonight and if Gail loses, she is gone from TNA.

* Gail Kim defeated Sienna to keep her job. After the match Sienna, Maria and Allie beat down Gail.

* Lashley and Drew Galloway meet in the ring for a promo. Dixie Carter comes out and announces that on June 12th at Slammiversary, it will be Drew Galloway vs Lashley for the World Title in a Knockout or Tapout Match. A brawl breaks out between Galloway and Lashley where Lashley chokes out Drew and ends the segment by standing over him.

* EC3 and Mike Bennett have a face-off in the ring. EC3 is in charge tonight. He tells Bennett that tonight he will serve as custodian. He lets Maria know that she has a job evaluation coming up. He announces that Drew Galloway and Lashley get to pick the other’s opponent tonight. Drew picks Bram to face Lashley.

* The Bromans defeated Rockstar Spud and Tyrus with Mike Bennett as special referee. Raquel is now managing the Bromans. Bennett didn’t want to call the match when Spud tapped out.

* EC3 is out for Maria’s job evaluation. He calls out Gail Kim for a verdict. A match against Maria is granted for Slammiversary. Gail Kim and Jade vs Sienna and Allie in a tag team match is made.

* Gail Kim and Jade defeated Sienna and Allie when Jade pinned Allie after a Package Piledriver.


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