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Upcoming NXT Spoilers

WWE taped 4 weeks worth of NXT tonight at Full Sail University. Spoilers below, courtesy of Diva Dirt reader Jordan:

Episode 1 – Airing July 3rd, 2013:
* Paige defeated Alicia Fox with The Paige Turner to progress into final match of the WWE NXT Women’s Championship tournament. Alicia had a wardrobe malfunction early on and had to have her top readjusted in the back at ringside by a fan.

Episode 2 – Airing July 10th, 2013:
* Emma defeats Summer Rae via roll-up to go on to face Paige in the final match of the WWE NXT Women’s Championship tournament. Summer blindsides Emma from behind post-match and Paige makes the save. After Summer flees, Emma and Paige have a stare down in the center of the ring.

Episode 3 – Airing July 17th, 2013:
* Charlotte (with her father and WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair in her corner) defeats Bayley in her highly impressive NXT debut via flipping snapmare facebuster. Easily the most impressive debut of any NXT Diva yet.

Episode 4 – Airing July 24th, 2013:
* Paige defeats Emma via The Paige-Turner in the final tournament round to become the first-ever WWE NXT Women’s Champion. Post-match, Paige is congratulated by NXT Divas roster (Bayley, Charlotte, Kendall Skye, Lexi Kaufman, Sasha Banks, along with main roster guests- Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes) and has her hand raised in celebration by WWE COO, Triple H, then has a post-match interview with Renee Young, in which Paige thanks her fans and family. Incredible match from both women. The crowd was split down the middle as to who the wanted to win with “Paige!” and “Emma!” chants throughout it’s entirety. It’s highlight is undoubtedly a superplex that receives a “This Is Awesome!” chant from the audience.

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