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Update on Asuka after injury concern from RAW

RAW Women’s Champion Asuka took the pin in her tag team match last night where she and Charlotte Flair lost to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. During the match, contact Baszler and her led many fans to show concern about if Asuka was legitimately injured.

According to last night’s RAW Talk Asuka did lose a tooth during the match from the contact by Baszler’s hard kick to the face. Baszler can be seen checking on Asuka immediately in the post above. Any additional injury outside of her losing a tooth has not been confirmed.

After the match, Asuka can be seen holding her mouth while Flair tried to help her up. The RAW Women’s Champion denied help from Flair due to the fact that she cost them the match by inadvertently hitting Asuka and not Baszler. This more than likely signals the end of their partnership.

Asuka nor WWE have commented any further on her injury at this time. If anything further is provided on Asuka’s status, we will provide you with those updates at that time.

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