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Update on Courtney Taylor


Fans will have seen from last night’s episode of ECW, Courtney Taylor‘s role as backstage interviewer was taken over by Angela Fong under the new name of Savannah. As noted, this likely leads to speculation over what will become of Taylor. posted a new photoshoot featuring the rookie Diva, real name Beverly Mullins, today which should suggest that Taylor isn’t on the chopping block.

Some of the speculation since last night among fans could prove to be substantial and makes sense; one argument is that Courtney could be moved to Raw to replace Lilian Garcia, a role which at one point had been pegged for Angela Fong. Taylor has shown comfortability on the microphone and has a similar look to Garcia [though younger], so she could almost seamlessly fit in on Monday nights.

Meanwhile, as a backstage interviewer Angela — who has been considered the standout female wrestler in FCW — could branch out into a wrestling role like Maria and Eve before her. The ring announcing position seems more of a pigeon-hole for the Diva that should succeed Lilian, who finishes up on September 21st.

Another observation from one reader also seems like a valid option: moving Courtney to Raw and/or SmackDown in the same role. For those unaware, the backstage interviewing on both shows is currently done by ECW announcer Josh Mathews. Needless to say, having an announcer doing double duty as an interviewer for the other shows doesn’t really translate well on TV, announcers are generally exclusive to their brand much like the actual Superstars and Divas.

Whatever the plan is, it looks as though Courtney still has a spot on the roster.

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