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Update on Roxxi

Reports made the rounds earlier this week that Roxxi was done with TNA after her profile was supposedly removed from the official TNA website. In an update/clarification to those reports which were subsequently credited by us in our post on Friday, it is our realisation that Roxxi — also known as Nikki Roxx — was never added to the roster section of upon her return in the first place which has been confirmed by a secondary source. Thus, as of now, there’s no reason to believe Roxx is indeed finished with the company as has been insinuated.

Commenting on her TNA status, Roxx tells us that reports that she wasn’t under contract are correct. Roxxi’s most recent run with the company was a pay per appearance deal.

Roxx was due to make her in-ring return yesterday at the Women Superstars Uncensored third anniversary event where she was advertised to face Angel Orsini. Unfortunately, it looks as though Nikki is still on the shelf as she was not in action and was replaced by Amy Lee and Sumie Sakai who faced Orsini in a triple threat match.

It looks to me as though Roxxi’s TNA status is still up in the air — she was never under contract to begin with and is very much a free agent but with her injury, it doesn’t look like she’s on her way back to TNA either. We’ll just have to wait until she is cleared to wrestle to see if she may show up in TNA again but as mentioned, there’s no reason to believe she won’t.

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