Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Updates on Charlotte and the Title exchange

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Recent rumors have been circulating since Monday Night regarding former WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte and a request to take some time off. Sources site that the alleged request is the reason Sasha Banks was scripted to win the championship on this past episode of RAW.

New information has been released stating that Charlotte did not make any such request and is still booked to make the same amount of appearances she was before losing the title. Sources at PWInsider.com have reported that there were two main reasons the Women’s Championship exchange occurred on RAW rather than at SummerSlam.

The first cited reason was because the writer’s wanted a shock for the first episode of the New Era and felt Sasha Banks finally achieving her goal was a perfect choice. The second reason given was that Vince McMahon himself felt like Charlotte’s reign had added substantial credibility to the title and was thus ready to be passed on. As of this publication, the rematch between Charlotte and Banks is still scheduled for SummerSlam.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte and Sasha? Do you feel Charlotte’s reign helped establish credibility? Let us know in the comments below!

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