Monday, December 4, 2023

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Velvet Sky on Ashleygate: “That’s Disgusting”

TNA’s Velvet Sky addressed Ashleygate in an audio interview with Monday Night Mayhem, referring to Ashley as an escort with, “That’s disgusting.” The Knockout who is dating WWE’s Gregory Helms says that a few sources very close to the story told her they wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours turn out to be true. Read the report below:

Shifting gears ever so slightly, Blade also goes on record saying that unlike some other companies, TNA has “no known escorts on their roster either.” Yes…being the hot topic of the past few days, Velvet chimed in with her thoughts on this story: “That’s disgusting.” Velvet does not know the full details of the story, so she could not necessarily go on record saying what she wanted to say, but she did tell Mosh, Blade, & DFL that a few sources (who are very reliable to the story) have spoken to her, and those individuals told her that they would not be surprised if the allegations turned out to be true. She does not for one minute though believe the latest reports of a “possible mistaken identity” though.

Let’s do some maths: Velvet is dating Gregory Helms, Helms is good friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy, Matt just happened to date Ashley a couple of years ago. I’m not saying that is the connection, but just one possible theory. Maybe some interpromotional warfare from Ashley on her MySpace could spice things up! Discuss…

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