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Should Trish Keep Her Distance?

Trish Stratus made a much welcomed cameo appearance on RAW, much to the delight of her hometown crowd in Toronto, Canada. But we want to hear from you – do you think Trish should keep her distance from WWE in future, to protect her legacy or would you welcome her making regular cameos?

Legends like Mick Foley and Stone Cold make cameo appearances for WWE (Mick Foley more so), and in recent years the appearances by Mick have been getting less and less popular. In fact, some of his recent appearances have had no meaning for the fans who once cheered Foley on in their droves. Meanwhile, Stone Cold makes cameos maybe once or twice a year – always proving popular with the fans! Do we want Trish to be a Mick Foley, making regular cameos? The effect there could be that we get so used to seeing them, we get almost bored and it actually would tarnish the legacy Trish has forged for herself. Or do we want her to be a Stone Cold? Someone who appears once or twice a year, showing that she hasn’t forgotten about us fans and giving back to the WWE?

In the case of Trish, I think it could go either way with Diva fans: We all would love to see Trish return full-time, so going the Foley route could be the second best thing but then again, do we really want to remember Trish for useless cameos rather than being a 7-time Women’s Champion and future Hall of Famer? Vote now!


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