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Velvet Sky on her negative experience backstage with WWE

The former two-time Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky explained her experience with WWE from 2006. Her response was a reply to Joey Ryan explaining his experience as an enhancement talent. This time period was prior to when she reached success with the Impact Wrestling promotion.

Ryan’s original tweet explains how he experienced negative reactions from WWE’s roster backstage. Former WWE wrestler Lance Storm responded to Ryan’s tweet in regards to the generalization.

Once Storm replied, Ryan did explain that he could only speak from his own experience. He continues to further clarify his intention behind his tweet. He speaks on topics that include changing in broom closets and also receiving backlash from sitting in catering, even though he was instructed to do so.

Sky enters the conversation by explaining her encounters. She says that having a broom closet to change in would make you “lucky.” When she was invited as an extra, she was kicked out of the Diva’s locker room and had to change in the men’s bathroom with the male extras instead. This was all because she was viewed as a “threat” by a female wrestler at the time.

Sky addresses a fan by explaining that she was not and currently is not a threat. She was simply following her dream at the time and that Ryan is not incorrect with his tweet. Unfortunately, their experiences were quite common amongst the indie wrestlers who were trying to make a name for themselves. Ryan does respond to Storm with, “I’m just happy that the culture of fear is changing.”

The full report of this conversation can be viewed at Wrestling Inc.

What do you think of what Sky experienced during her interaction with WWE’s roster backstage? Discuss your opinion in the comments below!

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