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Velvet Sky on life after in-ring retirement

Former two-time Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky recently spoke with Ring the Belle to discuss her life after in-ring retirement, thoughts on what makes a good tag team, relationship with fellow Beautiful People members Angelina Love and Madison Rayne, women wrestling reaching more mainstream attention and more. Highlights of the interview below.

On life after in-ring retirement: Everything has been awesome in my life. Not traveling quite as much as I was before which is nice. It’s slowed down a bit as far as the travel, which I needed a break from anyways. It’s nice to be home and get to actually see and enjoy your house, animals and family. I work as a personal trainer now, I got my certification last year but I’m not retired from the wrestling industry – just in-ring action.

On what makes a good tag team: I love Tag Team Wrestling. I think Tag Team Wrestling is so much fun. Having someone that you’re working with non-stop in and out of the ring. Someone that always has your back and you have their back. The reason why Angelina Love and I worked out so good as a Tag Team in The Beautiful People was because of our chemistry. I think chemistry is a huge success factor in a good tag team. Angelina and I, we had such good chemistry that we just would feed off each other – one line after the other. That really made our bond seem that more genuine, in and out of the ring. So chemistry for sure.

Relationship with Angelina Love and Madison Rayne: I love those girls. We have been up and down the road together for years and years doing our thing in TNA. Loved working with them, love the bond and friendship the three of us have formed. I think it’s awesome that we worked so well together bur we also can do our own thing and still find lots of success for ourselves. Madison killing it in the Mae Young Classic, very proud of her. Angelina out there doing shows and signings and both of them being mommies. And me being a kitty mommy, that’s it for me. Very proud our Beautiful People Legacy and still growing strong all these years later.

On Women Wrestling becoming more mainstream: I think it’s really cool. The whole GLOW coming back and Awesome Kong being in it, she is killing it.They announced sesaon three is going to be coming, so it’s very successful and much props to all the girls involved. Ronda Rousey transitioning from the UFC to WWE, she’s making waves and it’s pretty cool and awesome how things have evolved.

Velvet Sky also discusses her future plans and appreciation to her fans.

You can watch the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? What are your favorite Beautiful People moments? Who are some of your favorite female Tag Teams in wrestling? Let us know in the comments below!

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