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Victoria Scores Wrestler Cover

victoria-wrestlercoverNew TNA Knockouts Champion, Victoria has scored the cover of the new issue of ‘The Wrestler’ magazine which is being touted as the veteran’s first magazine cover in her long career.

The issue will feature an in-depth cover piece on Victoria, whose title win was broadcast a week ago today. In it, she talks about coming to TNA, her run in WWE and much more.

I’m so happy to see Victoria getting so much praise and publicity, 2009 really is shaping up to be a year for ‘career comebacks’, as music legend Whitney Houston readies her new album for release in September. I know it’s an odd comparison to make, but they are both much loved in their respective fields and both have had slumps in recent years [personal slump for Whitney, career slump for Victoria] but this year, they’ve managed to re-emerge to new levels of acclaim.

One of Whitney’s new tracks is called “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” and for a while there, it looked like Victoria didn’t either, allowing herself to be unhappy in her workplace and playing second fiddle to inferior wrestlers; I don’t know her personally, but it genuinely seems like Victoria is in a happy place right now! With a new lease of life on her career, a major championship under her belt and now she scores her first magazine cover too! Get ’em, girl!

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