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Victory Road 2009 Predictions


Tonight’s Victory Road pay per view sees Main Event Mafia ladies, Jenna Morasca and Sharmell go one-on-one [or will they?] meanwhile Knockouts Champion, Victoria defends the gold against Angelina Love.

Our Diva Dirt writers weigh in:

Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell

Erin: They seem to be resting pretty heavily on Jenna’s Survivor “fame”, so I’m pretty sure TNA’s going to put her over. Jenna will win, and TNA will milk whatever press they can out of a Survivor winner/Playboy covergirl winning her first wrestling match. Sharmell probably has more fire coming in, and personally I’d prefer her to win and have Jenna vanish completely, but it’s far too logical for Jenna to win. TNA would profit off of her victory, and that’s the route they’re obviously going to take.

Melanie: This is a real waste of a pay per view spot, but I have to admit the highlights on Thursday’s Impact was quite entertaining. Even so, I’m still not interested in this match. I think it’s going to be Jenna, just because she’s a ~celebrity~ Load of crap, if you ask me…

Steven: To make a prediction for this match, would mean acknowledging this as a real match. Which I don’t. But if I had to choose, I would go with Jenna. She has Awesome Kong in her corner for christ sakes! While I do predict that Sharmell will be the loser in this exchange, the real loser is the TNA audience.

Tiffany: If the match between Sojo and Kong is any indication, Jenna has the advantage here with Kong in her corner.  I believe that Sharmell can hold her own in the ring.  However, if it comes down to the two accessories to match, I can see Jenna picking this one up, as much as it pains me.

Knockouts Championship predictions after the cut:

Angelina Love vs Victoria (Knockouts Championship)

Erin: I’m fairly certain they’re heading towards a Beautiful People implosion, and Angelina winning back her title wouldn’t make much sense in that storyline. I say Victoria retains her title due to some botched interference by Velvet Sky or Madison Rayne, and the breakup will commence. That’s not to say I don’t have faith in Victoria holding the title and beign a capable champion – I totally do – but the fate of this title match doesn’t rest on her. The fate of the Beautiful People will directly influence the outcome, and if it’s bad news for them, you can guarantee it’ll be good news for her. Besides, why waste the push they gave Victoria by yanking away her title so fast? They wouldn’t dare.

Melanie: Far too soon for Victoria to lose the title, I expect she’ll have a long healthy rain. Victoria goes over.

Steven: Victoria’s recent championship win has drawn a vast amount of fanfare. I don’t think the Knockouts division has gotten this much attention since the days of Gail vs Kong. That said, I think TNA will milk Victoria’s title win for all it’s worth. If anything, I think this match will serve to widen the rift in The Beautiful People that was teased two weeks ago. Expect to see Victoria retain and TBP to have an big disagreement.

Tiffany: Victoria will be “victorious” and retain.  She has held the title for barely a week.  Plus, she has gotten one over on the Beautiful People big time leading into Victory Road.  Angelina’s days as Knockout Champion are over, most definitely.  I don’t predict a title change any time soon.

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