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Video: Gail Kim Talks WWE Frustrations, the Diva She Wants to See in TNA & More

Former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim didn’t pull any punches in her latest interview, speaking with the Wrestling with Rosenberg show in depth about her time in the WWE and how it compares to TNA.

Her first WWE run: “That whole time I was so green…so inexperienced…I don’t understand how Kelly Kelly did it at the age of 18. I was 25, and it’s a lot to handle.”

Her favorite females wrestling today: “I love Nattie. I haven’t seen her wrestle in a long time. I’ve always wanted to wrestle with her….I love [Alicia] Fox…I always felt like she had the potential…I wish her real life personality would come out on TV.”

Backstage politics in the WWE: “You can win over the fans and succeed in that way, but there are so many other factors involved there.”

Preferring TNA to WWE: “I’m made more for TNA. It’s the way that the women are treated, the time for the matches. That’s what I enjoy. I’m so much happier here in TNA.”

Doing T&A segments while in WWE: “The worst thing I ever did was probably…We did some dance-off, and you know, being a babyface…And I can’t dance. I have no rhythm.”

Her romantic angle with Daniel Bryan: “I was the third choice. He had originally wanted to bring in Sara Del Rey, who is his friend. And Kong.”

Her Battle Royal self-elimination: “I was so frustrated by that point…Maryse was supposed to eliminate me that night, and she had some kind of knee injury…So, whoever. They left it up to us…I hit Fox and said ‘sell’ and I rolled out. I was done…If my role in that Battle Royal would have affected the finish, I wouldn’t have done that. I’m not that unprofessional. But because I knew it meant nothing, I said ‘I’m out of here.'”

Wrestling Taryn Terrell again: “Everyone wants to see the rubber match with me and Taryn. I’m sure that’s gonna happen when she comes back. And she is gonna come back…She’s got abs on top of her pregnant belly.”

Divas she wants in TNA: “I want [Alicia] Fox to come to Impact Wrestling. I think she would fit in great with us. I think she would be utilized…And Nattie of course. She’s incredible.”

Dreading wrestling Kharma in WWE: “They kept on saying, ‘We want you to be her first match.’ For me, the first match meant squash match…I just felt like, they’re going to ruin everything her and I had ever done.”

Gail also talks her Ladder match with Taryn , her memories of Mae Young, Total Divas, wrestling Trish Stratus and Lita and much more.

Watch the full interview below:

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