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Video: Natalya Answers Fan Questions for ‘WWE Inbox’

To hype this Sunday’s return of Total Divas, Natalya is answering fan questions in a special edition of WWE Inbox.

Her favorite moment from Total Divas so far is, of course, her wedding. Despite all of the setbacks, she loved having her whole family there for the magical moment.

When asked which Attitude Era Diva she’d like to face, she chose Trish Stratus as, like Natalya herself, she’s Canandian, blonde and knows how to kick serious butt.

Natalya revealed that the first person she ever gave the Sharpshooter to was her husband Tyson Kidd, because he was the person who taught her how to do it.

She singled out her uncle Bret Hart as the ultimate Hart family member to team up with, saying that he’s encountered pretty much everything, so he would know how to handle any situation that came their way.

See the rest of the questions below:

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