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WWE Main Event Redux (November 6th, 2013): Nikki Must Be a Cop, Because Alicia Got BUSTED!

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux! This week, we got a fresh singles match pitting Alicia Fox against Nikki Bella. With the second half of Total Divas kicking off in just a few days time, can Nikki go into the festivities with a win or will Foxy spoil the party? Let’s take a look. TO THE VIDEO!

Out first this week are the terrific twins, Brie and Nikki Bella, the latter of which is dressed to compete in her new sexy yet sporty ring attire. Not going to lie, Nikki is looking better than ever. The backwards cap = SHUCKY DUCKY. The only way she could look better is by wearing a beanie. Top tip if you want to impress me ladies! Out next is Alicia Fox, who one minute is being a prude to fans on the ramp and then the next minute, she’s all smiles posing to the crowd whilst attempting a world record for most consecutive lassos of furry hoodedwear. Someone needs to explain to Alicia that Yo-Yos were so 1996 and she needs to stop acting like one! Side note: Tony Chimel, I’ve called you out on this before: announce where the girls are from, it’s really not hard. Did Aksana hit you in the head with a shovel and you forgot everyone’s hometown? Anyway…

The match begins with Alicia gaining control by kicking Nikki in the gut, forearming her in the mush and then tripping her to the mat. She then traverses off the ropes and flies right past Nikki, who smoothly dodged to one side and brought Alicia to the ground. Nikki applies a front facelock before clubbing Alicia’s back and sliding down the back of her sunset flip style for a two count. Alicia makes it to a vertical base first yet she gets her legs swept from under her. Foxy goes outside for a breather and has a staredown with Brie, a cheeky distraction meaning Nikki can baseball slide dropkick Alicia’s midriff and keep her momentum going.

Back in the ring, the Divas collide as Nikki hits a Lou Thesz Press, which she then transitions into a front facelock again. Alicia rams Nikki back first in an attempt to break free and although she manages to, she gets decked by a kick to the face and a clothesline. Nikki then whips Alicia into the corner, a corner that disaster is seemingly just around, as Alicia counters Nikki’s monkey flip attempt, sending Nikki ribs first into the top rope and coccyx first into the ring apron.

Alicia sends Nikki’s limp body back into the ring and goes for two consecutive covers in the hope that she can tire her opponent out. Alicia’s next devilish tactic is to hit her beautiful northern lights suplex, a move that gets her a two count. Alicia then works on Nikki’s neck with a headscissors yet Nikki rolls right out of it and ontop of Alicia, which starts consecutive pin attempts from both girls. Alicia goes for yet another cover after hitting a dropkick, yet she’s unsuccessful yet again. Next, Alicia drapes her leg over Nikki’s throat and the middle rope before trying to get the win yet again with a lateral press. Considering all of her pins are failing, Alicia goes back to the submission well, wrenching Nikki in a chinlock. However, Nikki eventually elbows her way out and begins to mount a comeback!

After armdragging Alicia and ducking a big boot, Nikki hits consecutive dropkicks before elbowing Alicia into the corner. Someone call Beyonce as I swear it’s Deja Vu, as Nikki manages to hit her monkey flip this time and afterward, she hits a running bulldog for a two count. Nikki then whips Alicia into the corner yet she runs into a boot to the chin for her troubles. Alicia eyes Nikki up for a Scissors Kick yet Nikki averts danger and hits the Bella Buster for the win!

Thoughts: I really, really enjoyed this match! Although Nikki hasn’t had the best chance to show off her new Face character as of yet, her in-ring work, just like her sister’s, is really impressing me. Nikki reminds me so much of Torrie Wilson in the ring in that although she isn’t the best, something about her just makes me want to root for her. She only uses the basics yet her style comes across as really scrappy and more believable than the movesets of some of the other girls. I am really enjoying her look and her craft as of late, so keep it up Nikki! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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