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Video: Summer Rae Talks ‘Total Divas’ and Stacy Keibler in Latest ‘WWE Inbox’

The latest edition of WWE Inbox features questions posed to new Total Divas star Summer Rae.

When asked by a fan how it feels to be followed by Total Divas cameras, Summer says it was weird at first, but now she just treats them like paparazzi.

On continuing AJ Lee‘s mean streak against the stars of Total Divas, Summer toys with the idea of facing the Divas Champion, saying she’ll text her.

What’s the song that always puts her in a “dancing mood”? Fandango‘s theme music, of course.

Summer mentions her BFFs – Charlotte and Sasha Banks – in speculating that they might make appearances on Raw or SmackDown soon.

Lastly, Summer is asked if she thinks she could beat former Divas and Dancing with the Stars contestant Stacy Keibler in a dance-off. Summer admits that Stacy is good, but it no match for her, a professional ballroom dancer. She even takes it a step further, claiming her legs are better.

She also answers questions about The Marine 4 and responds to the 100+ people asking her out on a date. Watch it all below:

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