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Video: ‘WWE 2K16’ Trailer Shows off ‘Create-A-Diva’

A new trailer for WWE 2K16 gives fans a look at the game’s various creation suites, including Create-A-Diva.

The Create-A-Diva function, which was absent from last year’s WWE 2K15, makes its return with a plethora of options, as revealed in‘s game review:

There are 100 character slots for original creations, and three save slots in My Career to take the Create a Wrestler characters through their paces. A CAW character has 128 points, and certain customization elements might require points for use. As an example for the sorts of options available to a male wrestler, I had 105 hairstyles, 12 kinds of eyebrows, 80 sorts of facial hair options, 9 kinds of eye makeup, 4 different lipstick options, and 10 marks and scars. That only covers the face options, and doesn’t even get into clothing and gear options for original creations. The diversity means someone could easily create 100 unique characters.

Watch the trailer below:

WWE 2K16 hits stores in North America on October 27th and in Europe on October 30th.

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