Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Videos: The Funkadactyls Argue and Stephanie McMahon is Still Sick on ‘Raw Fallout’

This week’s Raw Fallout caught up with two women who had a rough time last night on Raw: Cameron and Stephanie McMahon.

In the first video, Cameron vents her frustration at being seen as an underdog, wondering why she can’t get a shot at Paige‘s Divas Title.

Naomi reminds her that she can’t earn a title shot merely by slapping the champion. She asks Cameron why she didn’t tell her about the slap, saying that whatever she does reflects on her.

In the second Raw Fallout video, a sick Stephanie McMahon leaves the arena accompanied by Triple H, looking even worse after vomiting all over Vickie Guerrero.

Watch the videos below:

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