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Vince Behind Divas Night Axe?

Last week we all rejoiced at the announcement of an all-Divas special of ECW tonight. Lats night, our hopes were dashed as the show was taped without nary a mention of the proposed Divas special. The past 24 hours have been confusing to say the least…

Well now maybe we can offer a little explanation. Word has it that Vince McMahon himself was behind the axe of the ECW Divas Night as he “didn’t see the point.” Meanwhile, it was Stephanie McMahon that pushed for the special to take place.

Say what you will about Steph, her and her husband may be poison to the business or they may be saints, but never let it be said that Stephanie isn’t a supporter of the Divas. A number of past Divas have praised Steph for wanting to promote a strong vision of women on WWE television. The key word there being wanting, as we all know from the abundance of Bra & Panties matches and Lingerie Pillowfights in the past, that strong vision has never really come to fruition.

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