Friday, September 22, 2023

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Vince Down on the Divas?

It looks as though we aren’t the only ones to notice the lack of pay per view exposure the Divas have gotten this year. Our Diva of the Day partner, the Wrestling Globe Newsletter is reporting that Vince is currently ‘down on the division’.

One possible reason given is the ‘sloppy matches on TV of late’. No seriously… I don’t know what Vince or the rest of management are watching, but the Divas action in recent weeks has been the best it’s been in a very long time. Melina and Beth Phoenix delivered a great Women’s Championship bout last month, as did Gail Kim and Maryse with the Divas Championship.

And post-Draft, we’ve seen some good matches from both brands; Maryse and Mickie had a decent match a couple of weeks ago. SmackDown meanwhile, has been on a roll since the Draft. They had an awesome tag team match on WWE Superstars, followed by an impressive Michelle McCool-Gail match and the excellent tag team match last week.

Not sure how that constitutes as ‘sloppy’ in comparison to some of the slop we’ve seen in the past. I should hope the Divas have redeemed themselves and are put on pay per view soon, because the work has been good of late.

Then again, the women’s division doesn’t really stand a chance when you have a man in drag as the key focal point.

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