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FCW Recap: May 10, 2009


FCW Recap is coming back! Florida Championship Wrestling has held another event for our Divas, and I must say I’ve missed watching it! After WrestleMania 25, the FCW Divas Division went on hold for a while. Now that it’s returned, things are a bit different! Beverly has apparently been released and Jenny Cash has gotten a new gimmick as Fifi the French Maid.

Allow me to fill you in on the storyline development since the last FCW Recap. Rosa Mendes is still fighting with Angela Fong over the Queen of FCW crown. And… that’s it! One week the two had a catfight outside the ring, which was followed up the next week by a match between the two (which you can check out here) where the beloved crown was on the line. The match ended in a DQ due to a run in for Rosa after 4 minutes, so it wasn’t really worthy of getting its own post.

However, the Divas action has finally picked up and with the events finally surfacing online, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Angela Fong teams up with the Interim General Manager of ECW, Tiffany, to take on Alicia Fox and Katie Lea. Yes, Katie Lea! Unfortunately, there is no more Express News and Gossip (RIP). Check out the action below:

FCW – Angela Fong & Tiffany vs. Katie Lea & Alicia Fox

Well, I’m going to be honest; this match was a lot better in my head than when I watched it. I was pretty excited to see Katie Lea finally get into the ring again in a match that I had really high expectations. I think she is a bit rusty after having not been in a match for several months now.

Overall, I think all of the Divas put in a great effort and put on a pretty solid match. For me, the real stars were Tiffany and Angela. Tiffany was definitely trying out some new moves and did everything from a second rope cross body to suplexes, which is great to see. I think her transition out of the GM’s office and into the ring will be a successful one, and with some more practice she could pull off some great matches on ECW against Natalya and Katie Lea. She sold the offense of Katie Lea and Alicia well and was pretty active throughout the entire course of the match.

Angela served her purpose to score the victory for her team with the Sake Bomb and once again, she doesn’t fail to impress me. She is definitely a high-flyer and executed all her moves with ease. Although her ring attire could use a few adjustments, I think she could be a great addition to the ECW roster.

Like I said, Katie Lea just seemed to execute some moves that weren’t very polished and didn’t really sell the moves she got done to her. I think she’s had much better matches against Alicia on ECW. Speaking of Alicia, she really showed why she got the call up to SmackDown, even though her time in the ring was really short. I think she is being prepared very well by frequently practicing in FCW and by working alongside Michelle McCool  as her BFF.  This match was mostly Tiffany and Katie Lea battling it out, but when Alicia came in, business picked up. I would’ve liked to see her in the ring for a longer time though because we didn’t get to see a whole lot of offense from her. Getting her leg hung up on the top turnbuckle was also pretty amazing to see and Alicia sold it well.

In the end, it wasn’t the best Divas tag match we’ve seen, but it certainly wasn’t bad either. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat like I was for this past SmackDown’s tag match, but I think if FCW keeps up some kind of development of this storyline, it could really work well. Alicia seemed to be better BFF’s with Katie Lea than she did with Michelle. The two held hands for a bit there after their Charlie’s Angel pose! We might even see Katie Lea and Tiffany feuding on ECW or Angela getting in the ring on Raw or ECW. Oh, and the bitchiness by Rosa Mendes as ring announcer was a nice touch too!

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