Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Wanna Be A Diva?

Well if you’re Brazilian or Latina, you could be in with a chance because WWE is holding casting calls, yes casting calls for new Divas. You just know the glory days of the WWE Divas are gone when WWE is actually casting what they want. It feels almost sordid, a pimp and ho situation if you will… Let’s break down their requirements:

Must be between the ages of 18-27 years old and fit the following:
– Beautiful (given the drag queens WWE’s hired recently, “beautiful” is a stretch)
– Speaks and understands Portuguese (and the ability to speak and understand Johnny Ace i.e. under the table action)
– Speaks and understands English (how is Maryse still in a job?)
– Physically fit/ Athletic (have a beach bod, doesn’t matter if you were on the Atkins diet to get it. Athletic part redundant, I mean look at Kelly Kelly)
– Great personality (Again, redundant to 10th power! Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Lena, Eve, Beth, Michelle… do I need to continue?)

If you think have what it “takes” *cough* click here.

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