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Wanted: Contributors for Possible New Diva Dirt Audio Show(s)

Have you ever listened to our audio shows here at Diva Dirt and thought, “I’d like to do that?” Well, we are looking for audio contributors for possible new weekly show(s) that we are currently developing.

Diva Dirt is committed to providing multiple audios on a weekly basis and regularly produces hours of content each week that are listened to by thousands of visitors. Our new show(s) would complement our current slate including Diva Dirt LIVE, The Post-Raw Show and The Post-NXT Show.

We are looking for contributors who can be outgoing, personable and humorous for the enjoyment of our listeners. Think that you fit the bill? Follow the cut for the breakdown:

– We’re looking for people, specifically females, to contribute to our audio content that can engage with our listeners. We want big personalities!
– Audio contributors must be able to use Skype. It’s easy, simple & free!
– We are currently eyeing Friday mornings (Eastern time) for a possible new show. Check your availability.

Want to join in? Email us [email protected] with ‘Audio Contributor’ in the subject line and copy, paste & fill out the following form:

Telephone number:
Are you able to meet the points in our breakdown?:
Tell us about yourself:
What can you bring to our shows?:

If we like what we read, we’ll invite you to partake in a telephone interview.

Good luck!

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