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Was Tegan Nox supposed to win the Mae Young Classic?

For the second year in a row women all over the world have been showcased in the Mae Young Classic II. The talent comes from all over the world from certain countries such as Japan, Mexico, Canada, England, Brazil, and Australia, just to name a few. WWE Evolution featured the finals of the Mae Young Classic’s second annual event where we saw Io Shirai face off against Tori Storm. Although this match was the shortest match of the Evolution PPV, it still had a solid 10 minutes of back and forth action between two incredible performers. The match was very successful even though it was not the original plan for the final. The final match was supposed to be Toni Storm facing off against Wale’s own Tegan Nox, with the latter taking home a victory.

According to Ringside News, and as originally noted by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Nox was supposed to be in the finals of the tournament, however, Nox had to be removed from the competition in the quarterfinals due to injury. Rhea Ripley got the advancement as a result and had to put together a match with Io Shirai on incredibly short notice.

This was the second year in a row that Nox has had an injury that has sidelined her. Last year she had an ACL injury that kept her from even competing in the first Mae Young Classic. This year was supposed to be her comeback. Based off of this recent news of her future victory would have given her the comeback she rightfully deserved.

Unfortunately, this year she injured her other knee by performing a suicide dive which landed on Rhea Ripley on the ramp outside the ring. The match had to be stopped by the official. With what can only be categorized as horrible luck, Nox seems determined to get back into the ring again.

At the ripe young age of 23yo, Nox has already been performing since 2014 and has shown off her skills in British, Japanese, and American companies. She has competed against many independent wrestlers who have also been a part of Mae Young Classic such as Kay Lee Ray, Nicole Matthews, Vanessa Kraven, and Mercedes Martinez. She has also been a tag team partner in 2016 to NXT UK star, Mark Andrews, in a tag team known as Bayside High.

A quick recovery wish goes out to Tegan Nox. Upon her return she should have two comeback stories rolled into one massive comeback!!

What are your thoughts on the news that Tegan Nox would have been the winner of the Mae Young Classic II?

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