Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Weekly Serena Watch (Week 1): Rolling with DX

SmackDown newcomer, Serena may have been conspicuously missing from the SmackDown Redux yesterday but we felt that the Redux should solely concentrate on Diva storylines, but that’s not to say we don’t want to see what our favourite bald Diva’s up to! ‘Weekly Serena Watch‘, not to be confused with the previous ‘Weekly Savannah Watch’, will pretty much just follow you guessed it, Serena in her role as a member of the Straight Edge Society!

Last week, Serena made an interesting debut which saw her have all her hair hacked off, so just how did they try and top that this week? Only by putting her in a segment with two future Hall of Famers — DX! Who’s a lucky girl, then?

Before we see Triple H take on CM Punk, there’s lots of talking yadda yadda yadda. We don’t care about Triple H, so we’ll spare you. At some point Trips calls Serena ‘Britney Spears’ continuing the trend of WWE’s lame and all too late pop culture references.

Near the end of the aforementioned Punk-Trips match, we see Serena get involved. Regardez:

The Straight Edge Society try to gasp, shave Trips’ hair but out comes HBK for the save. Punk uses Serena as a shield and cue another creepy kiss ala last week. Serena seems all too pleased to be of service to her master as Punk rolls out of the ring leaving the new Diva in the ring with the veterans. Michaels then fakes a Sweet Chin Music, fleeing Serena from the ring.

All in all, it looks like this role will be extremely exciting for Serena even though she isn’t wrestling [yet]. Working with DX in your second week on the job? Not bad. Serena came across as having a few screws loose which is perfect for the part and I have to say, she looks great in black.

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