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Wendi Richter Turns Down WrestleMania

Her return would have no doubt been one of the most shocking entries into the 25 Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania, but Wendi Richter has officially declined WWE’s offer to appear in Houston, TX for the matchup.

The victim of the “original screwjob,” Wendi Richter hasn’t been seen or heard from in the WWE Universe since 1985, when the former Women’s Champion lost the belt to The Fabulous Moolah in a highly-controversial manner on November 25 in Madison Square Garden. After having a quick three count where her shoulders clearly weren’t on the mat, Wendi Richter became irate and left the arena immediately after.

Reports say the screwjob was done by Vince McMahon because Wendi refused to renew her contract; Wendi, however, claims her contract was still valid for another few years but that she regularly fought with Vince over money earnings.

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