Monday, August 8, 2022

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What Really Happened During the Natalya vs Rosa Dark Match Last Night

More details have emerged as to why the Natalya versus Rosa Mendes dark match at last night’s SmackDown taping was cut short.

Early reports from the taping speculated that an injury may be to blame, but Rosa later clarified on Twitter that she actually had a wardrobe malfunction.

A fan in attendance wrote in to offering more details. He reveals:

The match ended very shortly with the ref calling for the bell giving the win to Natalya for no apparent reason. Rosa had her arms covering her chest and was quickly moving to the back with a lot of the male fans cheering at ringside. During this time it seemed like they were trying to keep the focus on Natalya as she acted overly excited about the win as if trying to keep the fans attention away from Rosa. The Roanoke Civic center staff we overheard said she had a wardrobe malfunction.

Yikes! Thank God it was a dark match and not part of the taping, huh?

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