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What Should Katie Do Next?


Those of you [read: the two of you] who watched ECW last night will have noticed that WWE’s resident oddball Diva, Katie Lea and brother Paul Burchill were banished from ECW after Burchill lost a ‘Career vs Mask’ match to The Hurricane. So where does that leave WWE’s Twisted Sister and brother Paul?

Should they mosey on back to Raw? Or find pastures new on SmackDown? Either way, while they may be ‘banished’ from ECW… it’s pretty much a promotion for both. And I’m pretty sure Katie Lea is grinning from ear to ear because wherever they may go, there is a women’s division!

Let’s weigh the options:

Raw: Moving the Burchills back to Raw would be instant fodder for WWE Superstars, given that both have seen competition on the Thursday night show, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch anyway. Katie however, could potentially be thrown into the women’s division where the babyfaces outnumber the heels and surprise, Katie’s a heel! Perfect scenario, right?

SmackDown: Poor Mickie, she’s all on her own and being teased about her weight. Won’t anyone save her? Enter Katie Lea — with the miscommunication teased last night between she and Paul, a verbal beration from her brother could see Katie turn babyface and leave her brother’s side and join Mickie’s. The duo have already teamed up on the European tour and Katie even pinned the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool on one of those dates. Katie would definitely help up the numbers on SmackDown where we’re about to run out of match options.

Wherever she goes, it seems there is a spot for her in either of the women’s division — something that wasn’t there when she and Paul were first moved to ECW. Moving her to Raw would help bridge the gap between babyfaces & heels, moving her to SmackDown and turning her face provides a plausible explanation if we go by the above scenario. Perhaps WWE will swerve us and find a loophole to bring the Burchills back to ECW — or worse, quietly release them.

Where should Katie go? Vote below:

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