Friday, September 29, 2023

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Where Beth and Natalya’s Heel Turns Seem to be Going…

In perhaps a preview of what will happen on TV this week, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, who both turned heel last week with Natalya pledging allegiance to Beth, worked together last night at a joint Raw and SmackDown live event.

Results from that house show below:

[notice]*The Diva guest host is announced and it is AJ. She was about to host a dance contest but is interrupted by Beth Phoenix and Natayla.

* Beth Phoenix cuts a promo about the age of the model diva in the WWE is over and Beth and Natayla are the future of the ROLE Model diva. They are about to take out AJ but Kelly Kelly and Eve come out to make the save.

* Kelly Kelly & Eve b. Beth Phoenix & Natayla when Kelly Kelly gets the pin on Natayla (Source)[/notice]

Thoughts: Given that the Raw and SmackDown brands were joined together for last night’s live event, the SmackDown crew will probably be at Raw tonight also, which means Beth and Natalya could be united on TV. Perhaps Beth’s promo was a dry run for tonight’s Raw explaining the motivation for the heel turns. I’m very excited to see what happens tonight on Raw.

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