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Which Divas Could Be on NXT Season 3? We’ve Got Clues…

With the finale of NXT season two on Tuesday (vote Kaval!), attention turns to season three, which if last season is any indication, should begin the very next week. And like the first season, we can probably expect the season three rookies to be announced on the second season finale on Tuesday.

Speculation has been mounting since earlier this month that next season will include Diva rookies for the first time ever. According to a report by the Figure Four Weekly newsletter, season three will feature four male rookies and four female rookies. Well, using our super-sleuthing and powers of deduction, we think we may know who is set to be part of the next season. Our clues below…

Syfy cameras at FCW taping: Reported by PWInsider, Syfy had its cameras at the FCW taping on Thursday night, which pretty much confirms that season three is a go. (I’m assuming that Syfy’s cameras were there to film footage for the little introductory video packages that they show.) On that night, AJ Lee, Aksana, Liviana and Naomi Night were part of the taping, as well as Jamie Keyes who already has an announcing spot on NXT.

Friday in Fort Myers: FCW held a show yesterday in Fort Myers which was attended by our friend, Bobby Lea Burchill, who offers up some more clues. At that show, once again, there was a camera crew filming the whole event including a Divas tag team match. Who was part of that match? The same suspects as above. AJ, Aksana, Liviana and Naomi Night.

But there’s more…

New weave, Naomi? In a sign that she’s been made to look ‘(national) TV ready’, Naomi Night debuted a brand new weave at last night’s show which Bobby describes as being ‘more in line with the other Divas’, i.e. the pretty young things on the main roster right now.

And finally…

Babyface/heel switch-up: For those that follow FCW, you’d know that the first ever Florida Divas Champion, Naomi Night has been portraying a babyface, as has Aksana. Meanwhile, AJ and Liviana in FCW, are heels. Last night — without warning — things were switched up. Aksana and Naomi played the heels, while AJ and Liviana were babyfaces. Perhaps practicing their new roles for NXT?

The clues are mounting but of course, until Tuesday night, nothing is official.

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