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Who is the ‘Future’ of the WWE Women’s Division?


With the Diva reshuffle now complete, WWE is pushing ahead with it’s new vision for the women’s division. As mentioned in today’s Maryse article, the Diva Trade is being seen by management as a ‘do-over’. One Diva perhaps with more to gain from the move than any other is Eve Torres.

The Diva was moved to Raw after nearly two years on SmackDown, where she had shown great improvement in the ring since the WWE Draft in April. Eve’s move to Raw is very much a promotion from WWE management, we have been told that WWE considers her the ‘future of the division’. The hope is to have her eventually take over as the top babyface Diva in the company now that both Mickie James and Melina are ‘deep into their tenures’.

The Los Angeles native was expected to be pushed for the Women’s Championship against Michelle McCool before the move to Raw. That has been scrapped in favour of a more long term plan to ensure longevity for the Diva — Eve will be a ‘pet project’ for management going forward.

As well as making great strides in the ring, management believe that Torres has a ‘great disposition’ and is ‘extremely likable’, which they feel comes across on screen. This, of course, bodes well for pushing her as a top babyface in future; higher-ups feel that the audience will catch on with her because of her easily pleasant nature, thus Raw is the best place for her to be because it’s live.

There’s definitely a feeling that Eve will be a long term investment as long as management remain high on her. As we all know, Vince and co. are prone to change their minds at the drop of a hat, but the love for Eve right now is massive.

As revealed earlier today, she may feud with Maryse (another WWE favourite) upon the former Divas Champion’s return.

Not to toot our own horn, but we predicted this may happen earlier this year.

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