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Who Should Be Trish Stratus’s WWE Hall of Fame Inductor? Our Top Five Picks

Snooki: She’s not a conventional choice, sure, but think of the publicity! Snooki famously teamed with Trish (and John ‘Cold Shoulder’ Morrison) at WrestleMania 27 in 2011, dubbing themselves the Brunette Mafia, and well, since Jersey Shore ended, we’re sure Snooki could do with the work. She may not be our ideal choice, but Snooki and Trish shared a WrestleMania moment that gained WWE tons of publicity, and she even acknowledged Trish’s induction into the Hall of Fame by offering her congratulations. If she does get the nod, let’s just hope she realizes it’s Stratus, not ‘Shatus’, and lays off the Long Island Iced Teas (see Diva Dirt’s 2011 interview with Trish to understand that one).

Who do you think will give Trish’s induction speech? Sound off in the comments!

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