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Will Maryse, Mickie Make it to Judgment Day?

With Mickie James scoring a huge non-title victory over Maryse last week on Raw, in what was a pretty good match, it looks as though the 4-time Women’s Champion is being sized up to be Maryse’s first red-branded title contender.

The two Divas did further battle over the weekend at various Raw house shows and the unthinkable happened – they managed to get pretty good reviews for their work:

Friday, May 8th
Maryse pinned Mickie James to retain the Divas Championship. Mickie James got a giant pop. Biggest of the night so far. No reaction for Maryse. It was kinda weird because some pushed Maryse through the curtain and she ran back in before finally making her entrance. Maryse won with her DDT. Very good Divas match.

Saturday, May 9th
Mickie James pinned Maryse with the MickieDDT in 9:28. Non-title, of course. Maryse appears to have gone to the Larry Zbyszko School of Stalling, which I guess is better than the Terry Garvin School of Self-Defense. Decent opener once it got started.

Sunday, May 10th
Show started with Maryse vs. Mickie James. This was apparantly non title as Mickie won following her DDT finisher. It was an all right opener that got the crowd into the contest. Near falls, sadly I was alone in the 2 chant.

From such house show reports it’s looking likely that the pair will make it onto the Judgment Day card this Sunday. I would expect a match announcement tonight. Given the decent-to-good reviews their live event matches have gotten as well as their good match on Raw last week, I’m really hoping they put on an amazing match at the pay per view. Bear in mind, last year’s event gave us one of the highlights of the year in terms of Divas last year when Mickie  defended the Women’s Championship in a triple threat match against Beth Phoenix and Melina.

Also, these reports speak for Maryse in a sense. With the comments surrounding her move to Raw being largely negative, saying she’d fall flat on live TV… I think she is proving the naysayers wrong. In fact, it’s something she’s done pretty much throughout her entire WWE career thus far.

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