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Will Stephanie McMahon Be in Triple H’s Corner at WrestleMania?

If you’re itching for Stephanie McMahon to get involved in Triple H and Brock Lesnar’s No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 29, you may be getting your wish.

Most of us fondly remember the firey encounter between the Billion Dollar Princess and Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman at last July’s Raw 1000, in which Stephanie called Heyman a “professional parasite” and full-on attacked him for tauntingly mentioning her children.

Well, it looks like she hasn’t forgotten that tussle either. A few days ago, Stephanie–who joined Twitter last month–tweeted a video of her in boxing training, leaving a cryptic message for Heyman:

On top of that, TMZ caught up with Stephanie to discuss her newly unveiled boxing skills. The gossip site, which described the WWE’s Executive VP of Creative as a “terrifingly good boxer”, asked her if she trains with her husband HHH, and she confirmed that she does. is reporting that the timing of this is not a coincidence; it is very likely that Stephanie will be involved in the WrestleMania match in some capacity, if only to even the odds with Paul Heyman at ringside.

Judging by all of this, we think Paul might want to watch his back..

Do you want to see Stephanie get involved at WrestleMania 29?

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