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Who will be WWE’s next big/breakout star?

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our TwitterInstagram and Facebook followers.

Both Women’s Divisions on Raw and SmackDown have truly been shaken up. While we are all excited to see Paige back, we are even more intrigued by the five new women on the main roster. These of course being Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Sonya Deville.

This week, we’re asking this: Which of these five fresh faces do you see becoming the breakout/biggest star? Here is what some of you had to say on social media!

  • @diamond_shonna:  (Liv Morgan)
  • @FightGio: Mandy Rose absolutely. And she will.
  • @harmatty: Sarah Logan! Her wrestling ability is above and beyond anything we’ve see, and her mic work isn’t too shabby either! She’s easily going to take the division to the next level, and she can do it by herself!
  • Issac Gore: I really hope Sonya does well on the main roster
  • Jonathan Melhuish: I think it’s down to Mandy rose (because they really like her look) and Sarah Logan
  • @JustinPain64: Sonya Deville & Ruby Riott
  • @KillerXInsanity: All of them
  • Luigi RubyAdventures Scalisi: Liv (Morgan)
  • @Mhussein9911: Ruby Riott or Sonya Deville
  • Ralph Hindmarch: Ruby Riot(t) without a doubt. I regularly attended Chikara shows when she was on the indies as Heidi Lovelace and she absolutely has it. Look at the short amount of time it took her before moving up to the main roster. She can have a good match with anyone, and she has the look and charisma to connect with the crowd.
  • @simons_tweet: Sarah Logan. Quiet, goes about her business, underappreciated but had one of the best matches in the . Female Braun Strowman potentially.
  • @smilelikesunny: On RAW, I think Mandy Rose will be the next breakout star. She has an great look, and with more improvement, she can easily be this gen’s “Trish.” On SD, I think Ruby Riot(t) will be the next breakout star. Talented, unique, etc. Hope they all succeed though.
  • @TheDANAmicdiva: Mandy Rose and Liv Morgan, sure!
  • Tom Fox: Honestly, Mandy Rose will be the breakout star. I’ve seen lots of people compare her to Eva Marie but that’s because they’re both beautiful and that’s the only similarity. Mandy has shown in her two TV matches that she is capable of competing and with fine tuning and working with established stars, Mandy will breakout on her own.

Also a whole bunch of Mandy Rose gifs on Twitter.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Who would YOU think will become the next big thing in WWE’s Women’s Division(s)?

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