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Winners & Losers: AEW Dynamite 05.06.20

We’re back after a two-week hiatus as the May 15 and 22 shows didn’t feature any women’s matches. This week AEW returned to live format, with live ‘crowd’ from Daily’s Place, which saw the return of AEW Women’s Champion ‘The Native Beast’ Nyla Rose.

We were treated to a really good video package showcasing Rose’s rise to dominance and highlighting the rest of the roster, especially Penelope Ford, Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida as her biggest threats.

This two minute video package is the most effort AEW has put into the women’s division in weeks. AEW are really good at creating these videos, so why were we not able to see this or something similar in the shows when the women are not in action? Guess we really needed all those Shawn Spears and Wardlow squash matches.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. Rose would be in action in the only women’s match of the night to take on AEW debutante, Kenzie Paige.

Credit: AEW

Rose would make her entrance for an interview with Tony Schiavone on top of the ramp. This was the first time the champ had been seen on AEW programming in over a month and Rose was quick to remind everyone that she is the most dominant force in the division and always will be.

Here’s what Britt Baker made of that statement. Absolute gold.

Rose destroyed poor Kenzie from the get-go using a big clothesline and a huge German Suplex.

The punishment would continue as Rose make an example of 18-year-old opponent with Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker, Penelope Ford and Kris Statlander all watching on at ringside.

A senton followed by two Powerbombs and a Beast-bomb would see Nyla Rose victorious.

Nyla Rose came, saw and conquered.

Later in the show, Brandi Rhodes would accompany QT Marshall to the ring in his match against Lance Archer.

After the Baker’s recent penchant for attacking Cody with her shoes, Brandi would step and take Britt’s footwear from her. An action that would have severe consequnces.

Brandi’s night would then get from bad to worse. Baker would roll her into the ring and Jake Roberts would go old school and drape a snake over her.

The angle was to further Lance Archer’s quest to destroy Cody, who was obviously far to busy elsewhere to save his wife from the dastardly Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

Winner: Nyla Rose

A powerful and dominent performance from champion. Rose crushed her opponant to remind everyone why she hold the AEW Women’s Championship and just how difficult it will be to get it off her.

With Double or Nothing right around the corner, it is good to see Nyla back on TV in the build-up to her potential match with Hikaru Shida on PPV. No match has been announced as of yet but as Shida is top of the standings and next in line to face Nyla for the title. Hopefully, we’ll find out next week.

Winner: Britt Baker

Baker has been the MVP of AEW in recent weeks. Her character work, heel persona and manic shoe attacks have been excellent and this week was no execption.

While we are in the subject of Dr. Britt Baker, it was mentioned at the start of the review that there were no women’s matches the last week but a few things did happen that simply must be noted. Queue Britt Baker appreciation thread;

For those who read these reviews on the reg, you will know that Baker is a favourite and is frequently praised for her great character and much improved in-ring work. As there have been no matches we will focus on the former.

Last week we got another one of Baker’s “how to be role-model” segments that was absolute gold. From calling Rebel, Reba and photoshopping a ‘snaggle-tooth’ on Tony Schiavone. Really enjoying these segments as they show just how good Baker is in this role. Great stuff.

During the Cody and Darby Allen match Baker would once again get a sly dig in with her current weapon of choice, her trusty shoe.

Loser: Brandi Rhodes

I mean she gets DDT’d, a live snake crawled on her and then Jake Roberts mounted her. That’s a loser in my book.

Final Thoughts

The video and Nyla Rose squash match, which must’ve totalled around five minutes was the only thing to happen in women’s division in three weeks. Three weeks. Five minutes in three weeks. Simply not good enough.

Understandably we are living in a f’d up situation right now but on the shows where no women’s matches took place, Penelope Ford, Dani Jordan, Anna Jay, Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida were all in attendance at ringside and could’ve easily been used or video packages, such as the one been used the week, at least would’ve been something.

The time spent on the women’s division during this week’s show, although short made each and every minute count. The video gave emphasis to Rose’s reign and contenders within the division, while the match showed Rose as the dominant monster heel champion she is. As stated earlier, it is things like this that needed week in, week out to build and grow the division.

AEW’s handling of their women’s division has been fumbled from day one. Despite directional changes and improvements, it is by no means living up to its potential given the talent at their disposal. For example, it is rare that there is a women’s match announced and advertised prior to a Dynamite show, while the male roster is shouted about from the rooftops. A lot more focus, care and attention is required to give these women, who bust their behinds on a daily basis to be the best they can be, the chance and opportunity to thrive and perform in a division that can be so much better. Do better please AEW.

What did you make of the show? Let us know in the comments below and as always staytuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news and reviews.

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