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Winners & Losers: AEW Dynamite 06.17.20

We’re back for another of episode AEW Dynamite, in which newcomer and graduate of the Nightmare Factory, Anna Jay was advertised to be in action.

Credit: AEW

But before we get to the action on Dynamite, there was plenty of it on Tuesday’s AEW Dark. There were three matches announced for this show featured a lot of young and up and coming talent. All of the matches were rather quick and

AEW Dark

Big Swole defeated in Dani Jordyn in a good outing for Swole. Dani Jordyn though has a lot of upside ans AEW would be wise to add her to their growing roster. She is a great talker, has bags of confidence and her ‘mean girl’ gimmick where she keeps information on her oppoanants in a binder certainly has legs.

Allie and Brandi Rhodes defeated the team of Kenzie Page and AEW debutant, Red Velvet. This match was all about the growing rivalry between Allie and Brandi within the Nightmare Family. It was good to see Allie back in the ring after such a long hiatus due to her managerial commitments, and she got the pinfall too. No doubt we are heading for a Brandi vs Allie match and QT Marshall having his heart broken down the line.

Penelope Ford bested Skyler Moore in a good match that saw Ford impress once again. Ford continues to improve inthe ring and as said many times before on here she is going to be a megastar.

On to AEW Dynamite.

The first match of the night saw The Nightmare Family with Brandi Rhodes at ringside. Allie would arrive on the stage to cheer on QT but her presence would only cause a distraction and cause The Nightmare Family the match.

Britt Baker was in attendance and throughout the show would send Tony Schiavone notes via a little pully systme, which he read out over commentary. This was gold.

Next up we got a good promo video from the Anna Jay. In the segment she spoke about wanting to put on a show and that why she calls herself the ‘Star of the Show’

This was a very short but nice litte insight into Jay’s aspirations in AEW and how hard she will work to achieve them.

Jay entered the ring in her signature top hat and tails and awaited her opponent. Abadon was announced and crawled to the ring as a creeped out Jay didn’t know what to make of her opponent.

The bell rings and Jay charges but falls to a double leg takedown. Abadon mounts Jay and lays in rights and lefts. Abadon would continue her attack to the visibly shaken Jay and would finish her easily with a hurricanrana for the victory.

After the match The Dark Order came out to assist the fallen Jay to her feet and out of the ring. Mr Brodie Lee would extend his hand as she leaves. Could Anna Jay be the first female member of the group?

This was very interesting. Very interesting indeed. First off the advertised Anna Jay in action and the vignette made it seem as though this show was to be a bit of a coming-out party for her. But the limelight was bestowed upon new AEW signee, Abadon, finished Jay off quickly and effectively, leaving Jay’s aspirations and chance to shine in tatters. Therefore, could Jay accept the hand of Mr Brodie Lee to achieve her goals quicker? It seems so.

Next up there was an interview with Britt Baker in which it was announced that Penelope Ford will be challenging Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship at FyterFest next month.

Baker is pissed at this announcement and the fact Ford seems to have leapfrogged a number of wrestlers in the standings to get this title shot. Baker says that she a Tony are on a “friendship timeout” and she orders Reba/Rebel to drive her out. But Big Swole is the in the drivers seat and does the immortal Undertaker quote “where to (replace Stephanie) Doctor?”

Baker is driven away at an alarming speed panic stricken and screaming

Later on we see Reba/Rebel searching for Baker via her iPhone. Baker emerges from a dumpster, covered in trash and dry heaving. Baker then fires and rehires Reba/Rebel before cutting a promo on Big Swole threatening to sue her.

This was goofy but good stuff. We need laughs during this time and Britt Baker is certainly providing them.

Let’s get to the winners and losers

Winner: Abadon

It was announced that Abadon was now an official member of the AEW women’s roster. Abadon has wrestled for AEW previously, taking on Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark back in March. The match did really good numbers on YouTube due to her creepy, stand out, horror gimmick.

Abadon worked really well against Shida as she did here against Anna Jay albeit a quick squash match. But she is easily the most “out-there” character on AEW and will attract eyes and attention just by showing up.

It’ll be interesting to see how she is used going forward and definatley something to look forward too.

Loser: Anna Jay

The Dark Order. Need I say anything more?

Yes I will. The Dark Order are not good, never have been, never will be. Even the introduction of Brodie Lee hasn’t peaked interest in this faction. Anyone who has been affiliated to them hasn’t done anything of note as of yet. Yes that could change but Anna Jay has far too much potential to be dragged in this bull shit.

Final Thoughts

Not great but there were some interesting developments. But AEW really needs to start investing in their women’s division. In comparison, this week’s NXT featured three women’s matches, one of which was the main event whereas Dynamite had one match that lasted under two minutes.

What did you make of the show? Let us know in the comments below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news and reviews.

Main photo credit: AEW

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