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Winners & Losers: AEW Dynamite 18.03.20

In truly unknown and unprecedented times the performers of AEW put their health at risk to provide us entertainment and highly enjoyable show.

The episode was played behind closed doors but featured wrestlers and AEW staff at ringside that certainly added a fun atmosphere to the action in the ring. However, some questioned this decision as it went against the government’s advice to limit the number of people in one place at one time.

The show featured a match that had four of AEW’s biggest stars face off in a four-way match. The match was Riho vs Hikaru Shida vs Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford.

This was a very fun and enjoyable match with all performers putting in a great effort. The action was fast-paced, fierce and above all fun. The talent on show in the ring just goes to show how deep AEW’s women’s roster is. Statlander, Riho and Shida are three standout performers wherever they perform and during this match that’s exactly what they did.

In wrestling ability, Ford is the least experienced when compared to the other three in the match but she certainly held her own against the talent in the ring. Ford is a megastar in the making and she will only get better and better by being placed in situations such as this to improve and hone her wrestling skills.

As the match begins, Ford attacks Riho straight at the bell and throws her out of the ring. Shida and Statlander attack Ford but succumb to interference from Sabian at ringside. Shida and Statlander attack him outside before Riho, who is embroiled in a feud with both Ford and Sabian, hits a flying cross body onto the trio.

Back in the ring, Statlander would show off her strength and power by smashing Riho with a savage backbreaker before setting her up in the middle rope and having Shida suplex her into Riho.

Ford would miss a flying head scissors on Statlander that looked a bit messy but all performers recovered quickly with Riho executing the same move and Shida hit a big missile dropkick.

Riho and Ford then went after one another exchanging strikes until Ford splashed Riho in the corner. Riho recovered and tried a sunset flip, but Sabian would assist Ford and stop her from being pinned. Riho would attack Sabian with a running knee to the face sending him flying. As a quick side note, the feud between these three has been played out really well with Ford and Sabian playing their obnoxious, high-school bully characters to perfection. While the majority of the angle has played out on AEW Dark it would be great to this blossom onto the Dynamite stage soon and become a third feud/storyline in the women’s division.

Back to the action and Ford would make up for her mishap by hitting Statlander with a beautiful poisonrana on Statlander.

Shida would hit Ford with a falcon arrow for the 2 count before landing a running knee for the victory.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable match that resulted in Shida getting the win and remaining on top of the leader board. Despite the mishap in the middle of the match Ford still looked great, which is testament to her ability to roll with punches, keep her head and carry on effectively. This match was another step in the right direction with good, strong performances and the right person winning.

Due to the circumstances upon which this show was held there will be no winners or losers section as all performers risked their health to put on a show and to perform and entertain us during these troubling times. Therefore allow me to thank and praise everyone in AEW for providing us with a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining break from the craziness of the real-world situation.

What did you make of the show? Let us know below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news, reviews and updates.

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