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Winners & Losers: NXT 11.04.20

One thing is for sure when it comes to NXT and that is they have plenty of talented women. This was proven this week by two great matches. We had the show opener of Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai and the second match was Shotzi Blackheart taking on Toni Storm.

Before we go over the match results, let’s talk about the other women we saw on this week’s show.

At Halloween Havoc, we witnessed Io Shirai retaining her title in a hell of a match against Candice LeRae. So who is next for Shirai? LeRae has had a couple of title shots in a row but there is a roster full of women who are eligible. Personally, I feel that the NXT women’s roster has such a talented roster that they need to start sharing some of that talent with RAW and SmackDown.

They are apparently building up Rhea Ripley as the next opponent for Shirai. The two have a big history with each other and Ripley wants to end 2020 much like she did 2019. In December of last year, Ripley defeated the long reign of Shayna Baszler to become the champion. Could she do it again this year and become a two-time champion? You can view their promo videos below.

Here’s something I have been thinking for a while and that is either Ripley or Shirai need to move on to the main roster. Whoever loses this next match between these two should take that leap.

Next, let’s go over the backstage segment with Xia Li. Li has been on a pretty crucial losing streak, however, she has been receiving letters that have fired her up to grab a win. She was asked in an interview who the letters were from and she says that they are from her family and are very personal.

She requests to have a match from General Manager William Regal, after he delivers her another letter, to have a match next week against Raquel Gonzalez. Regal questions her and asks if she really wants to take on Gonzalez. Li says she does as she has dishonored her so she will have to. Regal says he will consider that but didn’t officially make the match at this time.

Now let’s get to the matches.

Dakota Kai defeats Ember Moon

In what was probably the shock of the night, Dakota Kai defeated Ember Moon via pin. The shock of it isn’t that Kai couldn’t defeat Moon believably but more so the fact that Moon just returned. Not only has she recently returned, she returned to NXT and also have made notions to go for the NXT Women’s Title.

This match was very, very good and it made me want to see a rematch. Things were pretty back and forth throughout as expected but the equalizer of Gonzalez is what Kai always keeps in her back pocket. The culmination occurs when Gonzalez jumped up on the ring apron which was enough of a distraction for Moon.

Kai lifts up Moon on her shoulders and utilizes the corner ropes. She delivers the GTK to get the surprising pin. After the match, Kai and Gonzalez head up the ramp with Kai saying that she is not the same woman Moon once knew in NXT.

Toni Storm defeats Shotzi Blackheart

The second match of the night was another highly anticipated one. These two sharing a ring together had many people buzzing. It did not disappoint as it also is something I want to see again. Much like the Moon/Kai match, there was a deciding factor that caused a distraction. This time it was Candice LeRae who appeared on the screen.

LeRae, who is out for revenge on Blackheart from costing her the championship last week, has found Blackheart’s tank in the middle of the street. She says that she will keep an eye on it for her and that she can be trusted. This got into the mind of Blackheart so much that Storm came up from behind her and pinned her to win the match.

After the match, LeRae shows back up on screen again and runs over with Blackheart’s tank with her vehicle. Blackheart in tears and screaming in the ring is devastated. So devastated that Storm tries to console her.

Blackheart is left inconsolable in a WWE Network Exclusive that can be viewed below. This reaction really makes me think that she wasn’t told ahead of time that her tank was going to be destroyed. Her acting is on point.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Dakota Kai

I did not see that coming. I was for sure heading into these two matches of two things. They would be great and that Moon and Storm would win. Of course, I mainly decided that on the fact they both just returned but dang. Hats off to Kai because that was a huge win for her. It is clear that Ripley will be facing Shirai next, but Kai should def become a champion soon. Even if they ever realize they have Women’s Tag Titles and give those to her and Raquel.

WINNER: Shotzi Blackheart

So I was going back and forth on where to place Shotzi this week. I really was going to consider her on the losing end because she lost both her match and her tank. However, her acting was great. As silly as it sounds, I felt really sad about what happened to her tank and felt for her. She is such a character and I am really enjoying it. Her winning a title would be fantastic and needs a full live crowd reaction. Look forward to the day that can happen.

LOSER: Ember Moon

Although the loss didn’t make her look weak, I just have to place her in the loser section this week. The main reason is that they hyped her up so much to be in the title picture and that clearly isn’t happening right now.

I am looking forward to seeing more of what they are doing with Xia Li. I think she will lose another match when she faces Raquel, but I hope it comes with some sort of payoff. I am not sure what, but it still interests me.

Who were your Winners and Losers this week? What did you think of NXT? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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