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Winners & Losers: RAW 01/27/20


One night removed from the Royal Rumble and the WrestleMania sign is up and the path is lit. As the winner of the Royal Rumble match, Charlotte Flair was slated to pick her opponent for the biggest event of the year. Instead of her telling the fans, we will have to wait.

Flair explained that she is not quite ready to announce who she wants to challenge. She is still deciding.

It didn’t take long for Asuka to respond to this. The Kabuki Warriors made their way down to the ring as Asuka congratulated The Queen for her big victory. She explained that if she was in the Rumble match then she would have won. The Women’s Tag Team Champions would then attack Flair setting up for Asuka to take her on.

The match was very good and was given plenty of time. Both women would pull out everything in their arsenal to put the other away. Asuka had a moment where she almost had the submission between an Octopus hold that transferred into a Triangle but it couldn’t keep Flair down.

After much avoidance, Flair was able to get the Empress into the Figure Four. As she bridged into the Figure Eight in the corner, Sane hit the elbow from the top rope causing the disqualification. Flair would then be able to fight off both Sane and Asuka to end the segment.

The second match of the show was the advertised Lana vs. Liv Morgan. The match was solid. Personally, I would have liked it to go for a few more minutes, but it did its purpose. Both women looked good and Morgan was definitely highlighted. It was good to have it boiled down to just the women with Bobby Lashley and Rusev banned from ringside.

If this storyline continues it should be kept that way. As of now all we know is that Morgan and Lana were an item. There needs to be more put into the storyline aspect of it.

Other women of the show included a backstage interview/promo from Becky Lynch. With her win over Asuka, the RAW Women’s Champion has now dumped the “I am being protected” persona. She is now back to the “I am an ass kicker” persona. It is evident that she feels like she has gone through everyone at this point. So who is next? Cue Shayna?

Zelina Vega inserted herself into the United States Championship match. She would break up the pin as Humberto Carrillo was about to defeat Andrade. This would cause the disqualification and Andrade retained. Afterwards he was attacked outside the ring on the exposed pavement by Carrillo. It was reported later that night that Andrade is now suspended after violating WWE’s wellness policy.

Let’s get to the Winners and Losers of the week.


Asuka may not have won her match, but she didn’t lose either. To me it was a big win that she didn’t lose. Charlotte Flair getting to stand tall after the disqualification was a little too much, but it is expected.

We need to get the tag team division built up. Move a few women over from NXT and let’s get The Kabuki Warriors shining on that level again.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Lynch delivers another excellent promo. It is riddled in the fact that she has done all there is that she needs to do at the very moment. Her next goal is to be remembered as the best ever. Many feel that her reign has become boring and maybe it has had stale moments. However, excited for a fresh competitor for her and it most likely be Shayna Baszler.

WINNER: Liv Morgan

It was good to finally get to see Liv in a singles match. Loved her entrance and her attire. I feel like I fall in the middle with her continuing to feud with Lana, but at this moment there isn’t much else to do. She just needs to continue to do her thing and shine.


Another RAW where it is hard to point out an exact loser. Every woman did there thing this week and what was needed. Who would you list on your loser list?

The only thing that continues to be a trend is that Charlotte won’t put others over. That idea lasted for about a month or so when she was losing to The Kabuki Warriors and even then Becky would eat the pin/submit more. It will continue to be this way for years to come.

What were your thoughts on this week’s RAW? What were your likes and dislikes. Let’s converse in the comment section below.