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Winners & Losers: RAW 05.17.21


This week’s RAW after WrestleMania Backlash showed a lot of the same that we have seen as far as match wise.

The match results for RAW this week were as follows:

Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Natalya & Tamina (c) defeated Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair

Prior to any matches taking place, Naomi & Lana along with Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke were arguing backstage with WWE Authority Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville on who would be next to get a title shot. Now that we have new champions, the teams are wanting another go.

Naomi mentions how every time her and Lana would have a match they would always get interrupted in some capacity. Mandy and Dana stated that they were on the winning team last week against the former tag team champions.

Charlotte Flair then interrupts.

Deville then asks the ladies to give her and Pearce a moment with Flair as they have something to discuss. No surprise, Flair stated that she wasn’t the one to take the pin during last night’s Triple Threat match, so she wants Rhea Ripley one-on-one for the RAW Women’s Championship. Deville says that she understands where she is coming from (as always) but says she will have to defeat Asuka later in the night in order to get another title shot.

Enter the champ….

Rhea Ripley says what every single fan has been saying for a while now….that she is here and she wants to take on some NEW competitors. Yes Rhea! Fresh matches…we WANT to see it.

As for the match between Asuka and Flair, it ends up much like their match did a few weeks ago. Asuka gets the pin, which was very much needed for her, from some assistance on a distraction by Ripley. So does this mean that Flair might not be facing Ripley again, or….?

If that is the case, who would Flair go for next? Could we maybe see Sonya making a return to the ring after perhaps she doesn’t feed into Flair wanting another title match? I may just be getting my hopes up to see some new matches.

As for the Women’s Tag Team Title rematch, let’s take a trip to Alexa’s Playground first. She invited the new champs, Tamina & Natalya to visit. Tamina definitely wasn’t having it and wanted out every second she was there.

They start off by talking about their tag team win. Nattie says that it was no easy task beating two of the toughest women in the division but it was something they will cherish and it was also Tamina’s first title win.

Bliss responds, “super duper, that is nice” as she holds Lilly up. Tamina, who had been staring around the playground, asks if they can leave now. Bliss then says that she hasn’t even asked the “tough questions yet.” She says Lilly wants to know what their favorite colors are. Nattie of course says pink but Tamina says black and blue which is what Alexa’s face will look like if she tries anything weird.

Bliss says that wasn’t very nice but Lilly likes Tamina. She really liked it when Tamina beat up Reginald and wanted to know if that was fun. Tamina says it was and if he tries to interfere in the rematch then she will have no problem “swatting” him again. Bliss then goes on to say what Lilly likes in regards to dead bugs as Tamina and Nattie quietly exit.

Once Bliss realizes they are gone she says she will be watching the tag team match. And that she did.

Bliss came out with Lilly in hand on the stage during the match just as Reginald was creeping up the steel steps to the ring. Tamina had Baszler up on her shoulders, but Baszler countered and was trying to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch. As Reginald was on the steel steps the ring post pyro went off and burst into flames causing him to be launched back to the barricade. Jax went to go check on him as he kept his eyes covered.

Tamina then took advantage and held up Baszler for Nattie to execute a clothesline to get the pin and retain their titles.

This keeps me hopeful also that we may end up seeing the end of Baszler & Jax vs Tamia & Nattie. With their loss they should be put at the back of the line.

As for Bliss and what’s to come, it seems as though she is definitely targeting Baszler and Jax. She did some voodoo magic on Baszler’s knee last week and then went after Reginald this week.

We did get another new promo for Eva Marie. It was similar to last week’s where it definitely seems like she will first step into perhaps a managerial or mentor role. She talks about being in film and compares herself to a heroine just like Angelina Jolie.

Lastly, there was a Nikki Cross sighting. She was a lumberjill during the lumberjack match between Damian Priest and John Morrison. She was the only woman out there and was front and center. Unfortunately they didn’t do much with her, but it was good to at least see her out there.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of this week’s RAW:


A great bounced back and much needed win for Asuka. It was almost certain that Asuka was going to take the fall at WrestleMania Backlash, and she did just that. Although it was a great Triple Threat, Asuka tends to take the fall in type of matches. This win against Charlotte tonight though still gave her that fight that she needs to not be brushed aside. Not sure where this is all going next, but her getting that win kept her in a good light.

WINNERS: Tamina & Nattie

First successful title defense – check! Not sure about anybody else, but I was holding my breath thinking that they were going to take the titles off of them this quick. It’s WWE, so I wouldn’t have been surprised. I thought the interaction with Alexa Bliss was great also….and I am looking forward to them hopefully facing The Riott Squad on SmackDown.

Side note: I am all for the tag team champions being used on both brands – they are supposed to be. However, the fact they have to be used on both brands every week shows how badly we need some new faces on both brands.

LOSERS: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

It seems to be obvious that they are probably Alexa’s target. If that’s the case I am all for them moving on and away from the title. However, them losing should put them at the back of the line.

LOSER: Charlotte Flair

Much like Nia & Shayna, Charlotte losing should put her in the back of the line. But this is Charlotte Flair, so I won’t count my chickens until I see what happens the next couple of week’s. I would really love for her and Sonya to feud next. Maybe that’s just me really wanting Sonya back in the ring, but I honestly think they could have some great one-on-one matches together.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Who were your Winners & Losers? Discuss in the comment section below!