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Winners & Losers: RAW 07/29/19

RAW kicked off this week with a Mixed Tag Team Mosh Pit match for the 24/7 Championship. The match was short as was expected but it saw Renee Michelle in her debut match on RAW. Michelle and her husband Drake Maverick faced R-Truth and Carmella in a losing effort. The women didn’t have much time in the ring, but it was nice to see Michelle step in the ring regardless. R-Truth won the match to retain his title.

As reported earlier, Mike Kanellis won the title from Truth after the aforementioned match ended. This led to Maria making her husband lay down for her to win the title. This is officially her first title with WWE and she is the first-ever pregnant champion. She is also currently the longest-reigning female champion with the title as she currently still holds it.

The advertised women’s match of the night was the RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch facing Alexa Bliss in a non-title encounter. The match abruptly ended due to Bliss having an “injury” to what appeared to be her ankle. After the medical staff came to “check on her” the match was ruled in favor of The Man as Bliss could no longer compete.

Conveniently this was just in time for a commercial break so that no wrestling would take place during it. Prior to the break, Nikki Cross appeared to want a match with Lynch as a result of her friend being “injured.” The champ had her second match of the night against Cross. During the match, Bliss sat at ringside nursing her “injury.”

Lynch was able to put away Cross with back to back wins for the night. After the match, surprise surprise, Bliss is healed and her “injury” is no more. Bliss and Cross attacked Lynch only to have Natalya run into the ring to get revenge.

Natalya locks her SummerSlam opponent quickly into the Sharpshooter. This was a direct response to Lynch’s attack on her earlier in the day. Prior to RAW, Nattie was training with Fit Finlay in the ring to an empty arena. Lynch came in and applied her Dis-Arm-Her to show her dominance when her challenger wasn’t expecting it. Nattie, however, received the last laugh by the end RAW.

After her attack on Lynch, Nattie spoke backstage stating that she wants to challenge her to a submission match. Sharpshooter vs. the Dis-Arm-Her. She clarifies that she wants to challenge her but because The Man most likely won’t accept, she won’t even bother.

Let’s get into the Winners and Losers of this week’s show.

WINNER: Maria Kanellis

Just a couple of weeks ago, Maria was listed on the loser list. She was on that list because her storyline with her husband just became her yelling at him and her just demanding him to get her things. Something more had to come from this, and tonight that happened. Yes, she won the 24/7 Championship, but it also allowed her to interact with other members of the roster.

She continued to obviously emasculate Mike, but at least this week there was more substance. It wasn’t just Mike getting her ice cream and pickles. She did threaten to kick him in the vagina after all.

WINNER: Natalya

Natalya continues to look strong building up to SummerSlam. She technically is being booked as the heel in this match, but with her being in her hometown the crowd will be split at best. The idea of a submission match is a remembrance of her vs. Charlotte Flair. If that stipulation happens it won’t be original, but has good potential to at least be a good match.

The chemistry between her and Lynch is undeniable due to their long history that extended even prior to WWE.

LOSER: Nikki Cross

Ever since Extreme Rules ended there seems to be no discord between her and Alexa Bliss. The possible dissension between the two kept them as a pair interesting. At this point, Cross may just be slipping into the same back burner that Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and even Nia Jax found herself in at one-point being linked to Bliss.

Now if Bliss and Cross become formidable tag team for that division, then it will serve a purpose. That division is obviously on life support and the championship continues to be an afterthought.

What were your thoughts on this week’s RAW? Who were your Winners and Losers? Discuss what you think in the comment section.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for the Winners and Losers for SmackDown this week.

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