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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 05/28/19

RAW this week produced a carbon copy of the show they did the prior week. From this, it has fans having little faith in what SmackDown will produce. SmackDown was better than RAW again this week, but only slightly. The matches from the blue brand were essentially the same as the prior week just like the red brand, however, at least there was actual storytelling.

SmackDown is able to produce more from the women than RAW does weekly with less time. There were two matches along with some women involved in backstage interactions throughout the show. Heading into this week’s show and seeing that it was Bayley facing Lacey Evans created a moment of concern.

The wild card rule either needs to end or the brand split needs to end. With that being said, the interaction between Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans was actually a fun interaction. Between their tea party backstage to their turning on each other after the Evans and Bayley match was actually worth tuning in. Regardless, it would be nice to see more than the same 5 women participating in matches each week.

Let’s get right into the winners and losers of this weeks SmackDown Live.

WINNER: Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose won her rematch against Carmella this week. She also made sure to rub in everyone’s face that she is on the new cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine. Her heel work backstage passing out copies of the magazine to The IIconics (why haven’t they had a match on SmackDown?) and Ember Moon was a perfect preface to her match. The match itself wasn’t anything special, but Rose still pulls out as a winner this week.

WINNERS: Lacey Evans & Charlotte Flair

The storytelling between these two was great. Within a two hour show, the two were tea buddies one moment and attacking each other the next. Lacey Evans lost her match against Bayley due to the referee being distracted by Charlotte Flair on the outside of the ring. Although Bayley is the one that stoked the fire by attacking Flair who was on commentary, Evans paid the price.

Evans then turning on Flair was a great move on the Sassy Southern Belle’s part. This may be the end of the interaction between these two, but it was a nice interaction. Maybe Evans can now stay on RAW and worry about Becky Lynch? Knowing WWE though, Evans will be back on SmackDown next week to face Flair.

LOSERS: Kabuki Warriors

Where are they? Let’s check the milk carton because they are missing. Paige swore they were the team to take the titles from The IIconics. Well, the Women’s Tag Team Champions haven’t had a match on SmackDown since April 16. So because of this, it is quite hard to have the Kabuki Warriors build any sort of traction against the champions.

LOSER: Carmella

Carmella was a winner last week due to her help with R-Truth. Unfortunately for this week, this seemed to take too much of her attention as she lost her match against Mandy Rose. What makes matters worse is that R-Truth lost the 24/7 title on Carmella’s watch. He did, in fact, win it back by the end of the night but that was thanks to Roman Reigns. Maybe Carmella can redeem herself next week if she can become the first ever woman to hold the 24/7 Championship?

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown? It may not have been perfect but was it better than RAW again this week? Let your feelings be known in the comment section!

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