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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 07.17.20

The last show before Extreme Rules this weekend and we saw all four women who will be on that card in action on tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown. This all came to fruition from Alexa Bliss bringing a mystery guest to her A Moment of Bliss segment. The mystery guest had many fans guessing all sorts of names.

Bliss mentions that the guest is someone who will be in action on Sunday. Nikki Cross feels like she must be the special guest as she is confident she will become SmackDown Women’s Champion this weekend when she faces Bayley. Sasha Banks and Bayley then made their way down to the ring.

They let Cross know she should get used to being disappointed and took the main credit for the Women’s Evolution. As tensions start to mount between the four women, Bliss announces that she hasn’t even mentioned her mystery guest yet. Asuka‘s music then hits signifying that she is the guest. This set up a tag team match between Asuka & Cross vs. Bayley & Banks.

This match had huge importance as Banks faces Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship at Extreme rules as well as the SmackDown Women’s Title match mentioned earlier.

A solid bout between the two teams starts showing a result after Cross gets tagged in and immediately hits Banks with clotheslines until she flips her into a running splash followed up by a bulldog. After missing a crossbody from Cross, Banks takes over.

Moments later, Cross would gain back some momentum as she hits a tornado DDT off of the announce table on Bayley. Cross gets Bayley back in the ring and goes for the pin. She gets a near fall as Banks breaks it up.

Asuka would then go after Banks and misses with a hip attack as she gets hung up in the ropes. Banks knocks her outside the ring. Bayley goes for the tag but Asuka is at the heels of Banks on the apron. Banks goes for the Meteora and misses which leads to her being tossed into the barricade. Bayley then takes down Asuka with a baseball slide.

Cross goes for another tornado DDT, blocked by Bayley who takes her down by both legs and goes for the pin. Just as she has done many times lately she uses the middle rope as leverage and gets her three count and the win for the tag champs.

The second match of the night is a follow up from their fight after last week’s Karaoke contest. Naomi battled Lacey Evans. A short match between the two had Naomi start off in control in the early going, but Evfans would quickly take over.

Naomi was able to bounce back ever so slightly as she got the knees up from Evans’ moonsault. Moments later, Evans plays games by tying Naomi’s hair up in the ring ropes. Once the official helps Naomi get untangled she walked right into a Woman’s Right causing Evans to pick up the win with the three count.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Bayley

Bayley keeps on picking up the wins and heading into this weekend’s title defense it is good for her that she picked up the win. Her wins lately have been far from clean by using the ring ropes to make sure she gets the pin. She may end up getting caught from this on Sunday, but she continues to stay on top…for now.

LOSER: Naomi

She keeps on landing in the losing column. She is falling victim to the loss after loss that when someone finds themselves in it, it is hard to climb out of that rabbit hole. Naomi has not picked up a pinfall victory since February against Carmella. Partly wish they would make a match between Naomi and Lacey for at least the kick off show at Extreme Rules, but I doubt it.

LOSER: Nikki Cross

Much the reason why Bayley is a winner, Cross is losing this week. She feels very defeated because she took the pin the tag team match and it may shake her confidence. I have hope that she will win on Sunday however and from having her first singles title win it will cause some dissension between her and Alexa.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Who were your Winners & Losers this week?

Check back with Diva Dirt this weekend for all news, rumors, and results for Extreme Rules.

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