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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 08/13/19

Thankfully there was a women’s match on this week’s SmackDown because without it there would have been no women on the show. The hype of Sasha Banks returning on RAW must have caused creative or Vince McMahon himself to forget about the women from the blue brand.

The match was a good showing between Charlotte Flair facing Ember Moon. Moon coming off of a loss from SummerSlam attempted to take out the Queen. It was of decent length and had some good spots. If Moon would have picked up a win it would have been some bragging rights as Flair just defeated Trish Stratus.

The last time these two competed it was a fairly short match. Bayley came out and caused the distraction to Flair which allowed Moon to capitalize and pick up the win. This time Moon wasn’t so lucky. Flair wins this match via submission.

Speaking of Bayley, she was nowhere to be seen. After coming off a win it would have been nice to see if she would continue some feud with Moon or move on to someone else. There is plenty of time to build up to Clash of Champions as it is still a full month away.

As the landscape is currently set, Flair will probably be Bayley’s next opponent which would be a surprise to no one.

There is so much talent that is not being used at the moment that it is shameful. With such very little women’s presence this week lets dive right into the winners and losers.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair

Flair was not only the winner of the match but she is coming off strong with her victory against Trish. Unless they decide to have Ember face Bayley again, Charlotte is probably going to be put right back into the title picture. Unless they decide to use a member of one of the tag teams, which I doubt or decide to actually use Liv Morgan then this is almost a guarantee. They could always breakaway Carmella from R-Truth for a little bit and have he feud with Bayley which could lead to some good matches.

LOSER: Bayley

For Bayley not even being on the show this week after a big pay-per-view does her no justice. It does the SmackDown brand no justice. Perhaps if there were other women segments being featured the champion not being on would have been okay.

In a WWE Exclusive, Bayley is asked what she thinks of Sasha Banks’ return and what transpired. Since she is friends with all that were involved she chose to keep her mouth shut.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Who were your Winners & Losers? Discuss in the comment section.

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