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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 09/03/19


Women’s wrestling is getting exciting again in WWE. The crowd’s response between last night and tonight have shown that finally, we are moving in the right direction. Bayley kicks off SmackDown Live this week to explain her actions from the night before on RAW. She assisted Banks in the attack on Becky Lynch with a steel chair and many people want to know why. The SmackDown Women’s Champion simply explains that she was having her best friends back.

Banks has been there for Bayley through it all. Bayley will continue to have her back regardless of the circumstances. She proclaims that her purpose is still to build up the women’s division on SmackDown and to prove the kind of champion she is. She wants the SmackDown Title to be just as prominent as Becky Lynch with the RAW Title.

The result is to give new people a shot at her title such as Liv Morgan, Zelina Vega, or even Ember Moon who had a one time chance at SummerSlam. Bayley intends on doing just that after she takes out Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions one week from Sunday. Turning her attention to Flair, she calls her the most selfish person to which The Queen makes her entrance.

Flair pretends to be shocked by this accusation. She declares that Bayley is quite perceptive and that she is right. Flair is the Queen of Selfishness. The Boss’ music hits and as she makes her way to the ring, Flair attacks Bayley. The number game is too much for The Queen and both Bayley and Banks take turns hitting her with a steel chair.

The match of the night was the Women’s Tag Team Championships vs. Fire & Desire. SURPRISINGLY! Fire & Desire picked up the win. The match culminated when Bliss was about to put away Sonya Deville.

Bliss plants her with a DDT and heads up to the top turnbuckle to deliver Twisted Bliss. On the outside, Mandy Rose and Cross were fighting causing a distraction to Bliss. That was enough time for Deville to get the knees up when Bliss hit her finisher. Rose is tagged in and the duo hit a team finisher. Rose pins Bliss for the win.

Could they have a title match at Clash of Champions now that they picked up a win on the champions?

Winners: Fire & Desire

Picking up a win against the tag champs was huge for this team. The women’s tag titles are one of the few titles not on the Clash of Champions card yet. The way the tag titles have been booked since inception made it predictable that it wouldn’t be on another pay-per-view. However, since Bliss and Cross have been champs the titles have been very visible.

Fire & Desire had a great showing at Elimination Chamber during the inaugural match. Many people thought they could have walked away as the first champs. Although Bliss and Cross probably won’t lose the titles anytime soon, it would be nice to have an actual feud for the titles for a change. Maybe this is a start?

Loser: Charlotte Flair

Out of the women that were on the show this week, Flair definitely came up on the losing end. The double team from Banks and Bayley left her reeling in the ring. Although Flair could very well become a 10-time champion a week from Sunday, tonight wasn’t her night.

If she were to lose at Clash of Champions it would be nice to see Bayley to actually have matches against those wrestlers she keeps mentioning. Especially Liv Morgan.

What were your thoughts of SmackDown this week? Who were your Winners & Losers? Drop a comment below.