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Women of Honor Write-Up (September 20th, 2017): Q’s Issue

Time for your weekly dose of Women of Honor action! This week, we have the new undefeated streak of the WOH Division, Karen Q, squaring off against near day 1 Veteran, Sumie Sakai. It’s a battle of the Asian’s tonight, and I won’t further describe it like that, else I risk sounding like Jinder Mahal… yikes. All the while Deonna Purrazzo joins Ian Riccaboni and … um, Rico… something, on commentary? I’m sorry, there’s no information on the other guy on the ROH page or Wikipedia or anything, I’m REALLY sorry. Forgive me? No? I’ll just get to the Women’s action then.

While Karen and Sumie enter, Deonna and the guys talk about the change of attitude in Q after her victory against Stella Grey, who Diva-Dirt ‘Got To Know’ recently. Yes, nice segway, nailed it.

We definitely see a difference in Karen Q’s mannerisms in this match compared to her others. Slapping away Sumie’s signs of respect and shoving it back in her face. Karen definitely had most of the advantage through the match with a ton of athleticism and hard strikes. Sumie definitely had a lot of fighting spirit and the support of the crowd, she didn’t give up bless her. Even when things got a little more hectic towards the end.

You’ll need to watch the video more than see what I write about it, but there was a chair involved and even a ref bump. You don’t see that often with the Women of ROH, unless its No DQ or something, which this was not. Sumie did seem to have the match won at one point, but of course, the ref was knocked down. Sakai did try to hit a top rope Moonsault on Karen with the Chair underneath her, but this backfired in the worst was for the Jersey Shore, Japan resident. Karen Q used this to her advantage to get the inside cradle pinfall victory, but she wasn’t done as she used the chair on Sakai to send a message.

Deonna left the commentary table to stare down her former friend, and Q had some words on the mic for the pioneer of the new WOH movement. Karen goes on to say she is has 4 wins, 0 loses and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. She’s sick of Deonna getting in her busy, and the rage at this point is steaming out of her at this point. Deonna grabs a mic and says they should settle their issues now. Karen then claims she doesn’t have time, but attacks Deonna as she tries to get in the ring.

The two trade fists which went to the outside, and Deonna ends up hitting a nasty looking dive. The two throw either other all over the place, into the apron, the ring post, and Karen throwing Deonna into a set-up chair. Despite this Deonna still stood tall as the episode closed with Deonna wanting more.

Thoughts: So far since doing these Women of Honor reviews, I’d say this is my personal favourite match. Maybe it was due to the inclusion of the steel chair and ref bumps, which we don’t see hardly ever in Women of Honor matches. The live crowd were definitely more interested, not that they weren’t, but it definitely added more to the match. Even besides that, the in-ring action was very well done from both women. Little to no real mistakes, impressive manoeuvres from both, all around a very good showing for both.

I felt Sumie shown more than she is let to show during this match. This was one of her stronger matches as of late, maybe one of her better ones since she started in 2002 with ROH. It’s a shame that she is on the losing end most of the time, but that’s what happens when you are too good at your job. You take the loss for the newcomers to make them good even better. Still, Sumie definitely deserve recognition for her abilities, and for helping put on a very entertaining match.

Karen Q also continues to impress. Ever since seeing her Future of Honor match against Faye Jackson, in which she also won that match (undefeated wherever she goes huh). Q’s post match promo was also very strong, one of the rare times we have heard her cut a promo. She definitely spoke well and oozed confidence and anger.

Deonna also stood her ground in the post-match beat down. There was of course some shakiness during this. Overall the fight definitely felt personal, and thats what we need more of in the Women of Honor right now. There hasn’t really been a strong storyline for the women since Mandy Leon and Taeler Hendrix. Of course, Taeler is not with ROH anymore, and since then there hasn’t been anything long term going on. Kelly Klein and Scarlett Bordeaux had a thing that last a few episodes and one match. Of course Deonna and Klein was next but didn’t have that extra oomph, if you get what I’m saying. Kelly is moving on to her continued dominance, maybe against Brandi Rhodes? Or just about anyone at this point. But this Deonna/Karen angle… it already has something going for it. And I for one, cannot wait to see what happens next.

But what are your thoughts? Did this bout between Sumie Sakai and Karen Q impress you? What do you make of this Deonna/Karen feud going forward? Are there any other women you’d like to see involved in future storylines? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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