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Women of the Year 2013: Kaitlyn

Every hour until the clock strikes midnight (Eastern time) and we usher in 2014, Diva Dirt will highlight – in no particular order – the women who made an impact in 2013.


Kaitlyn entered 2013 as the ever-improving underdog, looking to pounce at any chance she could to take Eve Torres‘s WWE Divas Championship, and now she leaves the year behind her as a former champion herself, and as one half of perhaps the hottest, most talked about female feud we’ve seen the company execute in years. Add in getting engaged and making history by taking part in the first ever Divas Championship contract signing, and 2013 has been quite a big deal for the Texan native who just three short years ago was taking part in her first match ever on live TV.

It was back in January where Kaitlyn would defeat Eve to claim her first championship, and not only that, but in her hometown to boot. The night was certainly unforgettable to not only her, but the fans as well. Following that, she went onto a high profile feud opposite ex-BFF AJ Lee, which saw Lee use a phony secret admirer ruse to get inside Kaitlyn’s mind and take the title from her at Payback in a hotly contested match.

Though Kaitlyn was never able to reclaim the title she once held so proudly, she did partake in three of our nominated matches of the year, as well as all of the accolades mentioned above… and for that, we are thrilled to call her one of 2013’s Women of the Year.

Come back at the top of every hour to see who else has been crowned one of 2013’s “Women of the Year”.

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